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About us

Straton is a leading products and solution provider for a variety of Architectural(Exterior) and Interior Applications using new-age materials. Founded in the year 1999 on the belief that connecting trade and sustainable practices transforms competitive landscapes has compelled us to change the way we think about products, technologies, processes and business models to meet emerging norms. It is an effort that ascends from 20+ years of industrial experience, from the steadiness that family ownership delivers and from the confidence in top quality people who make up our staff. Straton presents these offerings with great humility and pride – the modesty of which comes with the class of the products we carry and the veracity of the clients we intend to serve.

what we do


Facade cladding, Sunshade Louvers, Landscape Decking, Pergola  systems, shaft covering, Balcony casing, Fencing, MS structure cladding etc

Interior Panelling & Cladding Applications

Panelling products, Wall cladding, false ceiling, baffle systems, Louvered partitions, wardrobes & cupboards, highlighters, customized furniture etc