Exterior façade – high pressure laminate sheet as the name suggests is the ideal product for exterior cladding applications produced under great pressure and high temperature. Hardened resins provide effective weather Protection to the HPL cladding making it capable of withstanding erosion from natural elements. High Pressure Laminate Exterior Cladding comes with high UV resistance which makes it ideal for buildings requiring ventilated elevation façade cladding & ventilation louvers.

Material Composition

Our HPL Panels are Solid Phenolic engineered exterior facade panels having a decorative surface on the both of sides. Robuts and Resilient, these rigid homogeneous panels are manufactured using thermosetting resin reinforced with cellulose fiber for added strength and durability. An acrylic overlay provides enhanced UV protection. With a density of 1.45gms/CM3. HPL panels is impressively strong damage resistant and has a remarkable  structural stability requiring no substrate support in thickness over 6mm.

Product Dimension

Feature & Benefits

  • Decorative
  • High Weather Resistance 
  • Optimal Light Fastness 
  • Scratch Resistance 
  • Solvent Resistance 
  • Self Supporting 
  • Impact Resistance 
  • Heat Resistance 
  • Fire Resistance 
  • Sustainability 
  • Easy To Clean &Maintain 
  • Overall Light Weight Substructure and Facade 
  • Quick and Easy to Assemble 
  • Increased Sound Proofing Function (upto 15 Db)
  • Decrease Air Conditioning Costs 
  • Provide Wall Protection & Heat Insulation Against Atmospheric Precipitation 


Grill Gate Cladding

Balcony Casing

Shop Front

Facade Cladding

Modern Pergola

Louvered Partitions

Balcony Ceiling

Balcony Drops

Entrance Arch

Custom MS Structure Cladding

Modern Architectural Applications

Custom MS Structure Cladding

Fixing Details

Our HPL installation system is a thermally broken, ventilated rainscreen system that provides maximum efficiency at cost saving compared to alternative. This lessens the environmental impact of the building and can provide significant heating and cooling cost saving for your building. HPL installation system provides ventilation behind the panel, which prevents moisture buildup and increases the longevity of panels.

Rivet System

Box - Section Details

a. HPL Panel Thickness : 6,8,10 mm

b. Air Cavity 20 mm (min.)

c. Rivet Hole Diameter 

d. Rivet 

e. Vertical Fixing Profile 

f. Load Bearing Wall 

g. Weather Resistive Barrier

Adhesive System

Box - Section Details

a. HPL Panel Thickness : 6,8,10 mm

b. Air Cavity 20 mm (min.)

c. Stainless Screw

d. Load Bearing Wall

e. Panel Fixing Tap

f. Panel Adhesive

g. Weather Resistive Barrier

h. Vertical Fixing Profile

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