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Things You Should Know Before Building Exterior Wall Cladding

Today, the building industry’s huge contribution to the greenhouse effect damage and the ecological damage caused by the unprecedented construction activities has necessitated the use of green building materials to ensure sustainability. This has led to the development of eco-friendly exterior wall cladding products such as wood-polymer composites (WPC), seasoned timber, and high-pressure laminates (HPL). […]

Uses of green building materials

The use of green building materials in the design and construction of a building provides for more energy savings and more efficiency towards the usage of resources. The use of new green building materials also reduces the adverse impact that a construction may cause to its environment as well as human health. Green building materials […]

How to choose the best high-pressure laminate manufactures in Chennai?

The high-pressure laminate (HPL) sheets are now replacing the plastic laminates. The improved manufacturing processes ensure that the highly durable and aesthetically pleasing surface sheets and materials have better wear, fire, and chemical resistance. Phenolic resin,  a number of layers of the Kraft paper, and decorative papers are pressed and fused through the application of […]

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